Training Departament

Our training events are customised to meet the expectations of the Clients in terms of both the form and the subject matter. We do not employ ready-made templates. Each event is based on our case-specific programmeaddressed to a particular group of participants

To meet the needs of our current and future Clients, we offer a wide scope of issues covered during training events, addressed to selected professional andsocial groups of participants. The easily comprehensible form of the message, workshop-based work, carefully prepared training materials and experienced training personnel guarantee effectiveness of time spent and professional satisfaction..
Since early 2014,we have been committed to projects related to legal aid for working parents.The result of these activities was published in the ebook form “Labour Law for Parents”. We also manage workshop trainings in the field of broadly understood protection of parenthood in the light of the current regulations of the law. These events are organised in co-operation with Rodzinne Centrum Położnicze Koala
Our specialists support with their knowledge and experience the “Campus for Moms” programme organised by Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow and the Mamo Pracuj portal.

A novelty for our Clients are weekly phone call services during which we respond live to questions and provide legal advice in the field of the labour law.

Phone: +48 12 418 38 09


  • The labour law for Parents,
  • The labour code in the practice of entrepreneurs,
  • The labour law for management and executive personnel,
  • Civil and penal liability of members of Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards in capital companies,
  • Secure contracts in business trading,
  • Protection and processing of personal details in the light of the regulations in force,
  • Securing trade transactions and effective vindication,
  • Personal and property claims of victims,
  • Functioning of personal and capital companies in business trading,
  • Copyright to works in the context of Advertising Agency activities,
  • Warranty and guarantee: workshop for sale departments,
  • Workshops on legal aspects in sale of apartments in the practice of a developer company ,
  • The law in real estate properties: the contract for intermediation services in trading in estate properties. Abusive clauses.

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